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Unika Super varnish, semi-matt - Unica Super
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Wear-resistant urethane-alkyd varnish of fast drying. It is used for varnishing of wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors: boats, floors, doors, windows, furniture, etc. super protection Unika Super semi-matt varnish contains slowing down components

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Type Urethane-alkyd varnish of fast drying. Contains components that slow down the yellowing effect of UV radiation on wood. Colored l / k materials protect more effectively from UV radiation than uncolored. Field of application It is intended for varnishing of wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors. It is applied to varnishing of the boats which is not fixed on designs of the room of the furniture and the floors which are exposed to moderate mechanical and chemical influence. TECHNICAL DATA basis EP color It is colored according to the catalogs "Colored varnishes for interiors" and "Valtti". To check the color, it is recommended to conduct a trial painting on a sample of wood varnished surface. If you want to get a lighter end result, the varnish can be lightened with a colorless varnish "Unique Super".
Colored varnishes are used for decorative finishing of wooden elements, for painting of the big areas and a parquet it is recommended to use to paint Pirtty stain.
The final color of the coating depends on the nature, hardness and initial color of the wood, as well as the number of layers. color catalogs CatalogcolorsColored varnishes and Catalogcolors "Valtti Semi-matt gloss Consumption 8-10 m² / l. Container 0.225 l, 0.9 l, 2.7 l, 9 l. Thinner White Spirit 1050 Method of application Applied by brush or spray.
When spraying, use a 0.009 "- 0.013" nozzle,
ie 0.230 - 0.330 mm.
Drying time at + 23ºC and relative humidity of 50% From dust - 1 hour, to peel off - 2 hours. The next layer can be applied no earlier than 6 hours. The varnish hardens completely and reaches final wear resistance within approx. 4 weeks. Drying is influenced by air exchange, relative humidity, temperature and film thickness. Resistance to washing Very good when using regular detergents. Resistance to chemicals Resistant to gasoline, white spirit and denatured, and unstable, for example, to nitro solvent.
Withstands vegetable and animal fats, oils and greases. durability Very good. Dry residue 38%. Density of 0.9 kg / l. storage Withstands storage and transportation at low temperatures. In loosely closed or incomplete containers, the varnish can be easily covered with a film. Code 559 6404 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Processing conditions The varnished surface should be dry. The temperature during the works and drying of the coating should not be lower than +5 ºC and relative humidity ─ not higher than 70%. Varnishing can be done in direct sunlight or in wet and cold weather. Varnishing of external surfaces should be made so that the surface of the l / k film had time to dry before the evening dew. preliminary training New unvarnished surface:
Clean the surface from dirt and dust. Wipe wooden surfaces from valuable breeds with White spirit 1050. To prime exposed surfaces of a first coat with antiseptic "Valtti Pojuste".

Previously varnished surfaces:
Wash the surface with Maalipes detergent, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Peel off the varnish to remove the scraper. Sand the entire surface and remove dust from sanding. varnish Stir the varnish thoroughly before use, as well as stir periodically during operation. Make primers for new surfaces with glossy varnish "Unique Super", diluted with White Spirit 1050 by 20%. Cover varnishing of new surfaces to carry out undiluted varnish 1-2 equal, thin layers. Cover varnishes of previously varnished surfaces to carry out undiluted varnish 1-2 equal, thin layers without preliminary priming of varnishing. Carry out light interlayer grinding. cleaning tools Wash work tools with White spirit 1050 or Pensselipes detergent. care Avoid the use of detergents and strong cleaning of the freshly painted surface, as the fresh coating reaches its final hardness and stability for approx. one month after staining. If necessary, to clean the coating in this period, you can apply a light cleaning with a damp soft cloth. Approximately one month after painting, the finished coating can be cleaned with neutral (pH 6-8) detergents with a soft cloth or sponge. Particularly dirty surfaces can be cleaned with mild alkaline detergents (pH 8-10). After cleaning, the surface must be thoroughly washed with clean water. repair painting It is necessary to monitor regularly, especially the condition of the weather, varnish coating and, if necessary, to carry out repair varnishing. Colored product protects the surface longer than uncolored. Repair varnishing of surfaces painted with "Unique Super" varnish is carried out with "Unique Super" varnish or the same type of organic solvent varnish. See Item "Preliminary preparation". OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Contains industrial gasoline (oil) hydrogenated heavy (aliphatic) flammable. DANGEROUS FOR AQUATIC ORGANISMS, MAY CAUSE LONG-TERM DAMAGE TO THE AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT. Provide effective ventilation. Do not empty into drains. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Keep out of reach of children. Contains ethylmethylethylketoxime. May produce an allergic reaction. The product has a safety data sheet.
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Очень стойкая;



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Для внутренних работ;
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Деревянная поверхность;

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