Tikkurila Pinja Wood Stain TCW

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Tikkurila Pinja Wood Stain TCW
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Quick-drying, water-soluble composition for wood protection. Quick-drying, water-soluble warehouse Pinya Wood Stein is used for wooden surfaces used outdoors, such as wooden windows, front doors, panels, etc.

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TYPE Water-soluble quick-drying impregnation for wooden surfaces. FIELD OF APPLICATION For wooden window frames, exterior doors, panels, etc. objects of application Suitable for finishing wooden window frames, exterior doors, panels, etc. TECHNICAL DATA Features Protects the wood surface from the effects of moisture, dirt and sunlight. Reduces wood cracking. color Transparent. Colored. color catalogs It is colored according to the AKVITONE system according to the color catalog of translucent wood finishes, it can also be colored in the Avatint system according to the Pinja Color formulas. cost Application thickness (without solvent) Wet / one layer - 80 g / m2 The theory. the thickness of the dry film is 10 μm Theoretical consumption - 12 - 14 m2 / l The practical cost depends on the method of application, the conditions of application, as well as the shape and roughness of the surface to be painted. Diluent water method of application Immersion - DIN4 viscosity on delivery Spraying - DIN4 viscosity on delivery Dousing - Viscosity DIN4 on delivery drying time At 100 - 120 g / m2 Before grinding 10 - 60 minutes 20 ºC Before grinding 5 - 20 minutes 50 ºC Drying time and interlayer exposure depend on the film thickness, temperature, relative humidity and ventilation. Dry residue About 10% by volume, 11% by weight. The density is 1.0 kg / liter. Code 314 6909 (Base C) INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Processing conditions The surface must be clean and dry. The temperature of the painted air and varnish must be above + 18 ° C during application and drying and the relative humidity below 70% Processing Stir thoroughly before use and, if necessary, dilute with water to avoid foaming. Then let stand for a few minutes. Cleaning tools - Water. EU VOC (VOC) limit value 2004/42 / EC The content of volatile organic compounds is 30 g / l. The maximum content of VOC ready-to-use mixture (diluted to 4% by volume) is 50 g / l. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Before use, carefully study the text and warning labels on factory labels. More detailed information on hazardous components and safety measures can be found in the safety data sheet, which can be obtained from Tikkurila Oyj specialists upon request. For professional and industrial use only.
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