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scavenging antiseptic Water-soluble, non-film-forming oil-based scavenging antiseptic for exterior work. Protects wooden surfaces from moisture, pollution, and in Kolerovat form - from UV radiation of the sun. Apply to untreated

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Instructions for use SURFACE PREPARATION Remove dirt and dust from the treated surface, peeling and loose parts of the old paint with a metal brush, washing brush or scraper. It is recommended to treat untreated wood with WOODEX AQUA BASE primer. Allow to dry for 1 day. Wash contaminated and / or moldy surfaces with RENSA FACADE. After washing the surface, rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to dry. APPLICATION Stir WOODEX AQUA CLASSIC thoroughly before use. To obtain a homogeneous surface, to avoid raznoottenochnosti prepare a sufficient amount of tool in one container. Stir well during operation. Apply with a brush, brush or spray. On an untreated wooden surface WOODEX AQUA CLASSIC is put in 1 2 layers depending on force of a color shade and the necessary final result. Apply evenly and continuously along the entire length of the surface of the log or board to avoid variegated color at the joints. Carefully process the end surfaces. The first application is recommended to perform a brush. When applying the spray, finish the surface with a brush. The use of only colorless protective agent is not recommended. For repair of the wooden surfaces processed by WOODEX AQUA CLASSIC, it is recommended to use water-soluble or organosilutable antiseptics or facade paints of Teknos firm. TERMS OF APPLICATION The treated surface must be dry. The moisture content in the wood should not exceed 20% by weight of the wood in the dry state. During the processing and drying of the wood preservative, the temperature of the painted air and the means must be above + 5 ° C and the relative humidity below 80%. Avoid painting under direct sunlight. STORAGE Protect from frost. Technical characteristics The dry residue is about 23% of the volume Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) about 130 g / l Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) EU VOC permissible value (kat A / f): 130 g / l. VOC products: max. 130 g / l. Teknomix tinting system The density is about 1 g / ml Solvent Applied undiluted. Cleaning Wash work tools immediately with warm water and detergent after work. Weather resistance Good Packing Colorless: 0,9 l, 2,7 l, 9 l. safety marking See Safety passport. Listening! Due to the risk of spontaneous combustion, waste generated from the product, spray mist and contaminated rags, etc. should be stored in a fireproof place, in a tightly closed container. Immersion in water is also recommended.
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