Panels-Iasi semi-matt varnish

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Panels-Iasi semi-matt varnish
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Panels-Iasi semi-matt acrylic varnish from Tikkurila is intended for varnishing of wooden, panel, chopped, concrete and brick walls and ceilings indoors. Traditional varnish for walls and ceilings Another hit in the line of Tikkuril varnishes is floor

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Type Water-soluble, tinted acrylate varnish for interiors. Field of application It is intended for varnishing of wooden, panel and chopped, and also concrete and brick surfaces in the building. Do not use for varnishing floors and furniture. objects of application It is applied to panel walls and ceilings, and also wooden surfaces. TECHNICAL DATA basis EP Colors Colored according to the catalog "Colored varnishes for interiors". color catalogs CatalogcolorsColored varnishes Semi-matt gloss Building material emission class M1 Consumption On a planed surface - 8-12 m² / l. Container 0.9 l, 2.7 l, 9 l. Thinner Water Method of application Applied by brush or spray. Drying time at + 23ºC and relative humidity of 50% From dust - 30 minutes.
Applying the next layer or sanding can be done in 2-3 hours.
Dry for operation in a day. The lacquer film reaches its final hardness approximately 1 month after application. Dry residue 22%. Density Approx. 1.0 kg / l. Storage Protect from frost. Code 846 6404 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Processing conditions Painted should be dry. The air temperature should be above +10 ºC, and the relative humidity - 30-80%. preliminary training New wooden surface:
Clean the surface from dirt and dust. Slightly moisten the surface with water, allow to dry and grind the standing storchma wood fibers. Remove dust from sanding.

Previously lacquered surface:
Wash the surface with Maalipes solution, then rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Exfoliated and cracked varnish is completely removed with a scraper. Sand the entire surface with sandpaper, remove dust from sanding. varnish Before application, mix the varnish thoroughly to prevent sediment, as well as periodically stir during work. If necessary, dilute with water. Apply the composition in 2 layers in the direction of the wood fibers. When applying the colored composition, to check the shade, it is recommended to carry out a control painting on a separate board. The final end result depends on the breed, hardness and initial color of the wood, as well as the number of layers. To apply the first layer, dilute the colored varnish with water by 20-30%. Usually the desired end result is achieved by applying two layers. To avoid differences in color, the surface should be treated continuously from edge to edge, and when processing large panel surfaces - a few boards now. cleaning tools Wash work tools with water or Pensselipes detergent. care Not earlier than 1 month after varnishing, the finished coating can be cleaned with neutral (pH 6-8) detergents with a squeezed soft brush, cloth or sponge. The surface must not be left wet. Particularly dirty surfaces can be cleaned with mild alkaline detergents (pH 8-10) using, for example, a rag or sponge. After cleaning, the surface must be washed thoroughly with clean water. repair painting Varnished "Paneli-Iasi" surfaces can be varnished with water-soluble Tikkurila varnishes. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH The drug is not classified as dangerous. The product has a safety data sheet.
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